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 The Ministry of Culture and Sports opens the door for the private sector for the management and operation of sports facilities

5/18/2016 12:31 PM


Under the Ministry of Culture, Sports strategy towards achieving efficiency and effectiveness, sustainability and optimal utilization of facilities, sports facilities, and open the way for private sector and investment in the management and operation of these facilities, for the benefit of the Qatari society, the ministry in December 29, 2015 launched a public tender for the management and operation of two showrooms, "Lucille "and" Ali bin Hamad Al-Attiyah "multi-purpose sports in front of national and international companies. Filed 15 international and local companies to get the tender documents, with four technical and financial bids submitted by companies closing date on 22 February. In the first week of the current month of May it has been awarded a tender right to run lounges Alliance Group Qatar Declaration and company Live Nation America. It is a joint venture between a group statement, which provides advertising and entertainment integrated solutions in the Middle East and the company Live Nation, the world leader in the field of entertainment. This will be the alliance Live Nation Qatar currently running halls Lucille and Ali bin Hamad al-Attiyah multipurpose world-class, which successfully hosted the World Handball Championship 2015 in Doha. Where the partnership will provide promotional and administrative and support services and maintenance of facilities for both halls. The halls will be used to host presentations of family entertainment, sports, music, and other live events, to provide new entertainment experiences for residents and tourists, the State of Qatar. The ministry had formed after the World Handball Championship in 2015, and recognizes the lounges representatives from the Ministry of Culture, Sports Action Team (Youth and Sports at the time), and the Ministry of Economy and Commerce, the Supreme Committee of the projects and inheritance, to study ways to take advantage of the lounges in an optimal manner. HE Salah bin Ghanim al-Ali, Minister of Youth and Sports, the ministry's keenness to make the most and the best use of all sports facilities in the state, including the benefit of the economic and social community, and in a move to get ready to run your legacy is retiring from the 2022 World Cup and other international tournaments, which makes it imperative on the exploitation of the large number of sports facilities in a practical way. HE Minister: The introduction of these facilities to the private sector came confirmation of the state support for the private sector to participate in national development, based on the directives of His Highness the Emir, may God protect him and follow up of His Excellency the Prime Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser Al Thani, to make room for the private sector to actively participate in the various aspects of the overall economic activity of the state, development and promotion of investments for future generations. He pointed to his delight that this step is a deliberate strategic cooperation between the parties shared in order to benefit and contribute to the exchange of actors in providing everything that would sustain cooperation in the implementation of development plans and improve society. HE The Minister explained that the working group has prepared a comprehensive study to get international expertise in the management and operation of each of the two showrooms "Lucille" and "Ali Bin Hamad Al-Attiyah," pointing out that the ministry is seeking to sport support and the needs of the diverse community through these facilities, and hosting local events and activities and global and create a family environment throughout the year, and support private sector participation in the management of these facilities and ensure you get the best services to the community and the athletes, and the reduction of government operating expenses, and work to provide a road map for the future to prepare for the world Cup football in 2022. And His Excellency the Minister to the direction of the circulation of this idea in a number of sports facilities in the future (International an arena Lucille) to find operators and developers in the local market of the national companies, and qualify for the management of state assets, to contribute to the management according to the standards of efficiency, effectiveness and economy and sustainability, according to Qatar Vision 2030. He also praised his delight at the team's efforts, stressing that the study prepared by the working group formed a suitable ground for the management and operation of other facilities that the ministry will inherit in the future after the World Cup 2022 tournament, which the Supreme Committee for projects and inheritance is working on its implementation, and will be the responsibility of the Ministry of Culture and Sports managed and operated private they are world-class high operational cost. For his part, Abdul Rahman Abdullah Al-Maliki, director of asset management and projects at the Ministry of Culture and Sports, that the development of the sports sector, is a strategic goal of the Ministry, in order to improve the sporting environment level, whether it's at the level of culture, practice or professionalism or infrastructure, to boost its position State capital of sport in the world and in particular in relation to the benefits the 2022 world Cup, explaining that the proceeds from the operation of both facilities will benefit the sport and society in Qatar, in addition to helping to reduce the operating expenses of the two lounges. On the other hand, Mr. Jaber Al Ansari, Chief Executive Officer of the statement, commenting on the award of operating rights for the Alliance of Live Nation statement said: "The halls Lucille and Ali bin Hamad Al-Attiyah, two of the best halls in the region, and we are pleased that the Ministry of Culture, Sports and placed their trust in the alliance announcement of the Live Nation to carry them on. " He added: "Our aim in a statement to provide the most memorable entertainment experiences and innovative in the region. We are confident that the vast experience in the field and experience to Live Nation events in the industry will add more entertainment activities outstanding in the State of Qatar." Halls covering the floor area of ​​over 432,000 square meters, including 65,000 square meters as space is built. Both are equipped with the latest audio-visual technology and cooling technologies, and capacity to host more than 23,000 spectators divided between ordinary areas and VIP lounges and princely. This will be holding a press conference witnessed the official signing of the contract awarded the right to run lounges, the presence of representatives from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and the Declaration of Live Nation.



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