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 HE the Minister of Culture and Sports:

 Francophone Cultural Days one of the tools to achieve the vision of the ministry

5/18/2016 12:51 PM


Kicks off "days Francophone culture" organized by the Ministry of Culture and Sports during the period from 12 to 31 March Arab, European and African participation at the Drama Theatre of public cultural institution of the neighborhood Katara /. Experiencing Francophone Cultural Days which will be held for the fourth year in a row many artistic and cultural events of the participating countries are: France, Canada, Belgium, Senegal, Tunisia, in addition to the State of Qatar. The Ministry of Culture and Sports has held a press conference yesterday in the presence of His Excellency Mr. Salah bin Ghanim al-Ali, Minister of Culture, Sports and Excellencies, Ambassadors of participating States to announce events that included days of Francophone culture details. HE the Minister of Culture and Sports, during the press conference, the ministry's keenness to make every effort for the success of events Francophone .. "The Francophonie days comes as part of multi-ministry activities and that are in realizing the vision of the State of Qatar in 2023, as well as achieving the vision of the ministry (about a society conscious authentic Bogdan and a healthy body) .. therefore, we are keen that the cultural days are Francophone one of the tools to achieve the vision of the ministry, "and expressed hope the cooperation of everyone to achieve distinct events. Speaking Ambassadors, where he expressed thanks and appreciation to His Excellency the Minister of Culture, Sports and team work of the ministry for their efforts in the success of the Francophone cultural days. Mr. Abdulkarim hierarchical Deputy Ambassador of the Republic of Tunisia in the State and explained that his country's participation in the events include performances highlighting the Tunisian heritage inventory, as well as the fashion show in the various regions in Tunisia, introduced two films, one short long and the other, in addition to the display of paintings by the artist's faith Congratulations express sites Tunisian. In turn, His Excellency Mr. Eric Chevalier, French Ambassador to the UAE, expressed his pleasure to host the State of Qatar "days Francophone culture", which reflects the keenness of Qatar's culture of openness and effectiveness in this organization that brings Arab, European and African cultures, and where linguistic diversity, which means the presence of languages French, Arabic and English, and the language is not a concern at the expense of others .. He pointed out that a child who grows in diameter and has informed the three languages ​​grows in multiple languages ​​environment open to the cultures. On the French Post, he said that the French program includes a musical performance on the opening day at the piano for Vtan sisters Laffitte, and a photo exhibition of French photographer Syrian Ammar Abd Rabo around the city of Aleppo, where he serves the human dimension of the tragedy of the city and over the insistence of the people of the city to life, survival and will be held on March 15 in building / 22 / Bektara, in addition to poetry evenings offer band / Hamso / 17 and March 18, and the film shows offering two French films. For his part, Mr. Cheikh Diallo deputies hailed from the Ambassador of the Republic of Senegal to the UAE, during the press conference, with the support and the support of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and interest in establishing Francophone days, adding that the message carried by the participation of his country is talking about the francophone presence in the whole world and the role of the founders of the organization to achieve its goals in dating and openness to the cultures .. expressing his appreciation for the role of the Ministry of culture and Sports in the success of this event. "The State of Qatar is a model of the philosophy of the Francophonie in communication and openness to the cultures and enrich, because they receive on its territory of hundreds of thousands of people of different languages ​​and countries are living in an atmosphere of cordiality" .. pointing out that Senegal will be presented on March 17 concert team heritage in the region Senegalese close to Mali and Guinea-Bissau, where the progress of heritage and folklore of these countries. In turn, HE Mr. Adrian Norfolk, Ambassador of Canada to the State explained that his country's participation is to show two films of Canadian cinema, in addition to providing some of the stories of the French Institute in Qatar. For his part, HE Mr. Christophe Bayou Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium to the State of Qatar said that the activities of this edition of the Francophone Cultural Days is characterized by diversity of concerts, cinema, art galleries, theater performances are all designed to highlight cultural diversity and to achieve peace between everyone .. calling on the public to Qataris and residents to enjoy these days and events contained. He stressed Mr. Faleh Al-Ajlan Al-Hajri, Director of Culture and Arts Department, after the conference, the keenness of the State of Qatar to establish these events by virtue of what we have reached the prestigious position in the world, especially that these days promote culture and dialogue between everyone and carry a message of peace from Doha .. He explained that the country engagement It is the display of folk art at the opening, offering band folk Art prone country, in addition to a side view of the marine arts Sahara, as playing band / bracelet / Qatar in association with French musicians. He added that the Ministry of Culture and Sports provides logistical support for cultural days as a Francophone cultural and artistic meeting place for different cultures.

 The ministry is keen to make all efforts for the success of events Francophonie
Artistic and cultural events with the participation of a large number of countries


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